Digital Access: An Opportunity to Improve Equity in Central Texas

“Digital inclusion is achieved through affordable, robust Internet services, digital literacy skills, quality technical support, access to hardware and software, and opportunities for resources and services that augment inclusion efforts.” – TSLAC

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Radio tower


Analysis and Mapping of 211 Calls


In early April 2020, the City of Austin Office of Sustainability reached out to Dell Medical School and UTHealth School of Public Health in Austin for assistance in identifying areas where there are unmet food needs in Austin pertaining to COVID-19. The team from the UTHealth School of Public Health analyzed 2-1-1 call data from January-July 2019 and January-July 2020 and performed geospatial analyses with 2-1-1 call data and access to food need assets to identify areas with unmet food needs related to COVID19 in Travis County that was presented in previous reports. This work expands on those reports and analyzes August 2020 data. View the report HERE.

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The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) is a learning network, coordinated by the Urban Institute, of independent organizations in 30 cities that share a mission to ensure all communities have access to data and the skills to use information to advance equity and well-being across neighborhoods.

Children‘s Optimal Health has been a recognized partner since 2011. For more information, visit here.