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Recent COH projects:


Digital Access: An Opportunity to Improve Equity in Central Texas

“Digital inclusion is achieved through affordable, robust Internet services, digital literacy skills, quality technical support, access to hardware and software, and opportunities for resources and services that augment inclusion efforts.” – TSLAC

Access our digital equity project

See the lived experience black paper written by Measure: Equity Focus Group Addressing Gaps in Healthcare Access

Childhood obesity

COH has analyzed and mapped childhood obesity data from several school districts throughout Central Texas. We have constructed time-series analyses and mapping of Obesity data from the Austin, Pflugerville, Manor and Hays school districts.

Communities In Schools

COH has produced maps for Communities in Schools (CIS) showing the boundaries of each CIS affiliate, density of population, need indicators and other variables to help identify gaps in service delivery for planning and advocacy purposes.

Interactive mapping for AISD

COH has produced an online interactive map for AISD Health Services with over 50 user-controlled layers showing schools with mental health clinics, children’s health insurance status, counts of students with individualized care plans, and many other related variables.

Community Centered Health Home

In conjunction with People’s Community Clinic, COH analyzed health disparities, community issues and assets in the Rundberg/183 area of Austin.

School Substance Use and Safety Survey (SSUSS)

COH analyzed and mapped data from the most recent AISD School Substance Use and Safety Survey, and compared results to the survey previously conducted in 2011. Our focus is primarily on questions related to substances such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant evaluation project

COH engaged in evaluating the implementation of VOCA funded mental health clinics in the AISD school system, and created a manual for future implementations of similar projects by other school districts.

“Story App”: cross-sector collaboration and data sharing

Susan Millea, PhD, Community Systems Analyst at Children’s Optimal Health, and Rahel Berhane, MD, Medical Director at Children’s Comprehensive Care Clinic designed a “shared care plan” for children with special needs, that imports goal statements and care instructions from different members of the interdisciplinary care team into the existing patient-controlled application.